Key functionality: JetDesk will check at least every hour for the latest “picture of the day” on and will display it on your desktop - stretched or centered.

Once started, JetDesk minimizes itself to the system tray and checks every hour whether there is a new “picture of the day” at If so, it grabs the picture and puts it on your desktop. If you want to know more about the picture shown, you can bring Jetdesk to the front.

In the timetable you see the most important picture informations. Click on it and you will be taken directly to this picture on

Whenever the picture changes a cool boarding pass already filled out with your name will notify you, so you won´t miss any of the awesome and breathtaking pictures even if your desktop is hidden by other programs.

Check out the settings screen where you can specify a path in your filesystem - and if you really enjoy a certain picture you can download it directly to this folder by just one click!