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09/25/2009: Hello out there!

Just wanted to tell you that everything is working fine. No problems at all. We hope you are enjoying JetDesk every day. BTW, how are you?

03/20/2009: Everything´s fine!

This time it took a little longer, but now everything is working fine again.

02/10/2009: Sorry, picture doesn´t change !

We informed a.net about the problem, hopefully they can fix it soon. We will let you know as soon as we have news.

05/07/2008: Hooray, it´s working again!

Thx to Airliners.net! 

04/28/2008: BUG: Picture doesn´t change!

Hi all, the picture nor it´s description change automaticallly. We are working on it. Meanwhile you can change it manually in the Settings. We will keep you informed. 

10/18/2007: Good news, everyone!

JetDesk is up and running again! Thanks to Airliners.net for fixing the problem! 

10/11/2007: JetDesk currently having problems!

Due to the server move of Airliners.net the Picture Of The Day is not properly loaded nor is its description. To get at least the latest picture you can change it manually by using "Settings" --> "Resync". The problem will be fixed by Airliners.net as soon as they have time for it.

Sorry for the inconviences!

11/17/2005: JetDesk Beta version released!

What is this all about?

The Airliners.net JetDesk is a small tool that displays the current Airliners.net "Picture of the day" on your Windows desktop. The "picture of the day" is the most viewed picture of today and so mostly one of the most astonishing. It checks at least every hour if the picture has changed: If so, it sets it as wallpaper and shows some additional information about the picture such as the date, location, photographer and so on. If you are interested take a
deeper look into its functionality

Who are we?

Airliners.net is the leading website for airline photography. It currently contains nearly 1.000.000 different pictures of thousands of photographers and is continously growing. The pictures' quality is outstanding and is undoubtly the best you can get. Breathtaking and beautiful pictures from all over the world. Check out
Airliners.net for more pictures and features!

The JetDesk was developed by two airplane enthusiasts who got bored looking at the same desktop wallpaper every day. This tool is freeware (please see our
disclaimer) and so we don´t get anything, though we spent month over month in developing and testing it. If you really like our tool and appreciate our work, you are very welcome to make a donation.